About Me

About me

I was born in Ireland, grew up in Wales and moved to the US nearly 20 years ago. Although I appreciate new places, I’m not a compulsive traveler, and like finding some small adventure in every day.

Whether I’m painting landscapes of the US or Europe, or anything else, I hope to be able to convey the joy I experience in witnessing life, in harnessing an idea, communicating the experience, and share the sense of awe and discovery I feel, wherever I am.

In terms of the style of painting I use, which people often liken to stained glass,  I will try and explain why I emphasise the gutta lines in painting:

When attempting to describe a landscape or anything else,  I initially use sketches in pen, pencil, pastel and charcoal to find the instinctual, underlying pattern of the subject, the evidence of it’s being. Inevitably, I realise that I’m trying to illustrate something on paper that is not there,  or is not visible to the eye.

With the tactile facility of the chalk in the hand, I’m attempting to show something of what I have seen and felt is the underlying nature (of the landscape or subject) that I can recognise, or relate to in some way. In doing doing so, something new is uncovered in the creating this drawing, the amalgamation of personal experience and observation of the moment, with colour and line, neither of which in a photographic, physical sense, are visible and therefore in a philosophical sense, not actually there and yet they are evident in the completed the sketch!

It’s in this process of discovery that I learn, and use this to fine tune the essence of this experience, (refining and simplifying, so it works with the limitations of the medium of  silk painting) but also to push the lines of the gutta in a way that instinctively illustrates the invisible energy, the chi or Qi as they call it in Feng Shui, the life force that is embodied in the land, like the flow of blood in the veins of our being.

It is difficult to describe the process of artistic expression in words, so really I must leave it with you, to accept the limitation of words toward the visual form that is my painting, and hope you enjoy this anyway!